Community Outreach Program

The police make use of this platform to foster public awareness, education, and information to the community about public safety, crime trends, and crime prevention. This is done through holding regular meetings with specific affected communities and it enables a healthy working relationship between the Police and the community.

Neighborhood Watch and Working Groups

These are community driven crime prevention program supported by the police service.  The objective is to get citizens involved in discouraging and preventing crime at the local level by encouraging neighbours to look out for each other. 

 Neighbourhood Watch and working groups’ members know that the ultimate success of the program depends largely on a commitment to cooperate between area residents and the police and more importantly, between residents themselves. When neighbours work together, they reduce and deter crime in their respective locality in the most effective way before it occurs. The critical role of these groups is to encourage active participation in crime prevention and community-police collaboration on safety issues.


Crime Prevention through Social Development

Crime Prevention through Social Development involves implementing programs that address socio-economic issues that have potential to bring an individual to cause a crime. The Windhoek City Police has various programs designed to target school going learners both at primary and secondary levels;

  • School outreach Program
  • Learner Patrol Program,
  • School Search Program
  • Sport events

Issues such as poverty, drug addiction, alcoholism, school dropout, victimisation among learners, bullying, and any other antisocial behaviours, are some of the few problems that the young people or schools are faced with, and these are some of the risk factors that can contribute to crime; hence they need to be tackled before they develop in to a huge social problem. Some school kids are involved in theft of cash, cell phone and laptops; hence they have to be dealt with promptly before they become habitual offenders.

Henceforth, the program is aimed to reduce the number of incidents and crimes in schools and wider communities. It equally address road safety issues by encouraging learners to be safe road users through practicing safe behaviours either whenever crossing the road or as passengers.  This is a tool to influence young people to have respect for themselves and their community and subsequently, inspire them to remain in education, in order to achieve their full potential.

Crime Prevention through Environmental Design

The environmental layout of your residence has the ability to either deter crime or encourage crime. Crime Prevention through Environmental Design seeks to address specific environmental characteristics that may cause crime to occur. The aim is to reduce opportunity for crime to occur by removing physical features that may encourage crime such as riverbeds, densely bushed areas, open spaces etc.

If you want City Police to visit your school, or the young people in your community, or should you to need participate in any of these programs, Please call Community & Public Relations Office at 290 3116